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Flowpro Consulting

Maximizing Well Production

and Injection Optimization

  • 30-year track record of developing leading edge solutions and performing studies for operators in well production and injection optimization

  • Most advanced internal and external software and work processes available in the industry

  • Experienced personnel 

Choose Flowpro Dynamics for your well production and injection optimization needs. Our advanced solutions and experienced personnel will help you achieve your goals.

Inflow Control Studies

  • ICD optimization - sizing and packer placement

  • Evaluation of inflow control strategy (ICV/ICD/AICV/AICD etc..)

  • Generate upscaled inflow control performance as input to reservoir simulators.

  • Analysis and regression of valve test data for input to simulations

Image by Scott Graham

Fishbone Studies

  • Productivity improvement

    • Reveal simulations.

    • CFD modeling

  • Design and QA of installation process

    • CFD based circulation software.

Injectivity Studies

  • Plugging and thermal fracturing in Injectors

  • Evaluation of outflow control strategy (ICV/ICD/Flofuse etc..)

Oil derrick


Please concatct us for more information regarding Flowpro Dynamics services.

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