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Flowpro Insight 

An advanced well simulation tool for physically correct simulation of inflow control completions.


Flowpro Insight is the only available well simulation tool that can simulate AICDs physically correct, which requires transient modeling of oil water and gas segregation in the annulus of the wellbore.

Current simulation tools incorrectly assume mixed, steady state flow in the annulus and valves. Thus, not being able to predict how a number of valves performs as a system. 

By quickly performing a large number of simulations, we are able to use upscale AICD performance for reservoir simulators or quick look well simulation tools.

Upscaling Completion 

Flowpro Insight can simulate and upscale the behavior of any ICD or AICD completed wellbore. Insight’s physically correct Inflow control modeling coupled to the reservoir simulation process facilitates improved ICD/AICD application designs with increased well productivity, higher and accelerated oil recovery, less water and gas production. By upscaling physically correct AICD performance, we also facilitate faster reservoir simulations.


Flowpro Insight can be used to perform application design as Input to ICD/AICD selection in multi zone wells. Flowpro Insight can be used for automatic selection of type and number of ICDs/AICDs along the wellbore. The well design can then be exported to a reservoir simulator for full field simulations.  

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