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Flowpro Circulation

Flowpro Circulation was developed in cooperation with a major NCS operator to facilitate accurate simulation of well circulation for treatment  and installation of Fishbones completions.

Productivity Improvement

Study productivity improvement from use of Fishbones. Detailed CFD reservoir simulations of wellbore with or without Fishbones are used to generate input to reservoir simulations. Reveal simulation of Fishbones completion has been used to verify this procedure.

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System design & optimization 

When used to optimize Fishbones applications, the maximum feasible number of Fishbones within operational limitations can be estimated as well as providing system design guidance. After a Fishbones installation is performed Flowpro Circulation can be used  for post analysis by trouble shooting or analyzing success of installation.

Post job analysis

Insight circulation can be used for detailed analysis of the pumping operation during the Fishbones installation process, taking into account  well and completions geometry and non Newtonian fluid characteristics. This feature can be used for trouble shooting and improvements.

Chemical treatments

Flowpro Circulation can be used to optimize chemical treatment and breaker fluid circulation in long ICD/AICD completed wells. The results are cleaner wells with less use of chemicals. Flowpro insight is used to guide inflow control design from a well treatment perspective.


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