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Integrate Insight in Your Work Process

Reservoir Simulator

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Upscaled inflow control performance

Boundary conditions
Well Design

Single Zone
Single Run

Insight single zone can be used to improve the understanding of advanced completions by providing dynamic simulations and graphical representation of multi valve inflow control systems. It can also aid in the development of new technology and valve modeling theory.

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Single Zone

Insight can be used to upscale inflow control performance for use in reservoir and well modeling software. This allows mainstream reservoir simulators to account for the effects of annulus phase segregation. 

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Multi Zone

Insight has a multi zone well model that can be used to quality assure and optimize ICD/AICD selection before exporting upscaled zone inflow performances in reservoir simulations.

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Advanced completions require advanced simulation tools

Automatic ICD/AICD Sizing

Insight can be used for automatic selection of type and number of ICDs/AICDs along the wellbore. 

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Valve Data Base

Insight features a database for inclusion of valve performance data from vendors, fitting to test data and quality assurance of single valve performance.

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