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Insight is a powerful software tool for optimizing oil and gas production. It uses advanced computer simulations to analyze the segregation of oil, water and gas in the annulus of a well, accurately calculating the pressure drop through completions and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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Bridging the Simulation Gap

Insight has been developed in cooperation with major North Sea operators as an advanced well simulation tool for physically correct simulation of inflow control completions. This includes the effects from oil, water and gas segregation and the resulting valve interactions.


Users will better understand and predict the benefits of selecting the optimal inflow control completions by including Insight in the production and reservoir engineering workflow. Insight’s novel CFD based modeling of advanced wells bridges a critical gap in current well and reservoir simulation technology.

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Insight Features

  • Transient modeling of oil, water and gas segregation and valve interaction in the annulus of the wellbore.

  • Simulate and upscale behavior of any inflow control completed wellbore.

  • ​Physically correct inflow control modeling coupled to the reservoir simulation process facilitates improved ICD/AICD/AICV application designs.

  • Design wells with accelerated and increased oil recovery.

  • Reduce water and gas production, and associated emissions.

  • Facilitate faster reservoir simulations.


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