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Support for Insight Software

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Flowpro Dynamics is continuously adding to our digital library of Insight Tutorials. 



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Courses and Training

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Flowpro Dynamics provides our customers with in-house and remote training in the use of Insight software. 

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Flowpro Dynamics can provide customers with consulting services using the Insight software. 

Getting Started 

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Installing Insight Software

In this video we will walk you through installing Insight Software and a PC license. Follow these steps:

  1. Install software for Windows OS.

  2. Generate license request file.

  3. Email file to

  4. Receive valid license file.

  5. Activate license in Insight software.


Single Zone - Single Simulation

This tutorial demonstrates how to run a single zone simulation with 8 ICD valves using Insight. Create a new project and input wellbore geometry, valve positions, and fluid properties. Set the solver settings and outlet boundary conditions, and run the simulation to solve for the pressure drop through the system including phase segregation and valve interactions. 


Single Zone - Multi Run

In this Insight tutorial, learn to set up a multirun simulation using 8 static ICD valves. Simulate the zone with varied boundary conditions, phase fractions, and pressure, generating a comprehensive data matrix for further analysis. 


Single Zone - Regression Analysis

In this tutorial, we apply regression analysis to the data from our previous video, generating a new pseudo valve that accounts for phase segregation and valve interactions. The derived equation can be utilized in Insight Multi Zone or other simulators for comprehensive well simulations.


Flowpro Insight: Advanced Simulation Software

Discover Insight, an advanced petroleum software tailored for precise simulation with inflow control devices. Join Kristian Brekke, CEO of Flowpro Dynamics, as he outlines the drawbacks of existing well modeling tools and presents Insight's state-of-the-art method for simulating valve interaction and annulus phase segregation. See how Insight streamlines transient simulation of advanced completions, promoting efficient production while reducing water and emissions. Stay updated on Flowpro Dynamics' innovative solutions by subscribing to our channel.


Generating a Valve from Test Data

The valve fitting functionality in Insight offers a streamlined approach to importing lab-derived test data and fitting the generalized AICD equation with 10 coefficients. This efficient process allows for a quicker transition from test data to production profiles, ultimately saving time and increasing productivity.


Insight multi-zone well modeling 

In this video we are going introduce you to Insight multizone. This is an advanced yet user-friendly well modeling tool that can be used for a variety of engineering tasks. This includes optimization of your completion before exporting an upscaled valve to a reservoir simulator. We can quickly compare different types of completions. We can study the effects of permeability and productivity variations along the well, and even the effects of early water and gas break through.

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Please contact us for more information regarding the Insight software. 

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